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pingu the supporting pilot

here a new episode of pingu’s big adventure. since he is travelling with a pilot he wanted to give him a hand and checked if everything is ok with the plane before take off.

little pingu isn’t afraid of big things so he started off with the turbines. first from the inside…

then from the outside.

everything seemed to be in order. turbines: check!

he also kept an eye on the maps. :

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pingu in paris

pingu in paris sounds so classy doesn’t it 😉

today pingu is in paris, eating baguette et fromage and enjoying the bohemian lifestyle. he also visited the eiffel tower and he and tim were very dissappointed that the platform at the top was closed. but they did a little photo session anyway.

tonight pingu will be in milan, but a little penguin is very tired after a long day, so he won’t hit the clubs or pose for more travel photos for us.

where will his journey take him next?

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pingu in egypt

this is a new series in my blog: pingu’s travels.

remember this little feller? we christened him pingu and sent him on a big journey. he’s not alone though. tim, who is a pilot at lufthansa, will keep him company. or the other way round?! 😉

the first trip of pingu the penguin was to egypt with us in january 2010. it was a little hot for him, but he enjoyed sunbathing, palm trees and the red sea nevertheless. he looks quite content, doesn’t he?