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needle book

i was sick of losing my needles all the time and constantly buying new ones. so i got mr. pfaff (sewing machine) out after a long abstinence and made myself this cute little needles book. needles: beware! i’m not going to lose you again!

the cover is made of ikea fabric (love the colour and pattern!), it has 4 grey felt pages for needles and the cute stare buttons are the ones i bought at „all the fun of the fair“ in london last october.

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wool souveniers

i can’t go anywhere without bringing back some wooly souvenirs, can i? this is my loot from the english midlands. birmingham, where i visited my friend scott, was a disappointment yarn-wise! but i can find some decent skeins of yarn anywhere 😉

1 skein of wendy happy sock yarn. extremely soft and shiny, 75% bamboo, 25% nylon. bought at john lewis in solihull:

2 skeins of noro kureyon sock yarn. 70% wool, 30% nylon. feels kind of strange, the yarn twists in itself and it looks like it was handspun by myself (which isn’t a compliment *lol*). but the colours are adorable! 

i already cast on a one skein drop stitch stole with the green-purple skein. here you can also see that the weight of the yarn varies a lot:

apart from the yarn i also got some dpns with needle size 2.25. you hardly find them here in germany…

and hey, i also can’t go anywhere without knitting! i didn’t dare to take a project with my precious knit picks needles with me, so it had to be socks. i was really afraid that they wouldn’t let me go through security control at the airport with pointy sticks in my hand luggage. but what can i say: no problems at all! i got through 2 controls in frankfurt and 1 control in birmingham on the way back but nobody wanted to take my needles from me. yay! apparently i look so harmless that i could smuggle anything through airport controls *lol*

so one of these socks is „made in germany“, one is „made in britain“:

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hundertwasser socks

pattern: my own. just plain socks with a 3×3 cable down the side. co 64 st.

yarn: ca. 70g opal hundertwasser, colourway: 1433, silver sprial

needles: 2.5mm dpns

size: 40/41

i got this yarn for my birthday from my aunt. danke godi 🙂 but i have to admit i’m not the biggest opal hundertwasser fan… i like to knit difficult lace or cable patterns but there is no use to try that with such a colourful and stripy yarn. anyway, it was a nice knit, the socks are comfy and will make great „wear-around-the-house“-socks 🙂

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brainless dragon socks

pattern: brainless socks from yarnissima

yarn: ca. 60g drachenwolle sock yarn, merino/linen

needles: 2.5mm dpns

size: 40/41

i love the look and the fit of these socks! those were my first toe up socks too and definitely not my last!

the pattern works perfectly with the yarn. i’m so happy with these socks! intentionally i wanted to knit these for my mum, but she said she didn’t want anything with too many colours. her loss. my socks now *harr harr*

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crafting 365 – i did it

i just realized that i never told you my crafting 365 time was over on 19th january! i successfully managed to craft every day for 1 whole year. it was a lot of fun, but i’m also looking forward to craft-free evenings now 😉

here a little photo show of my year…

1st month:

2nd month:

3rd month:

4th month:

5th month:

6th month:

7th month:

8th month:

9th month:

10th month:

11th month:

12th month:

here is the flickr album of my crafting 365.

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i knitted a sackboy for my colleague matthias. he’ll get him on his birthday on saturday. so „shhhhh“ until then 😉

i got the pattern from the simply knitting magazine (thanks to kevin that he gave it to me when he came to visit). the pattern is also available for free. it’s a great pattern and i really enjoyed knitting it! i just hate the making up – it takes forever!

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i did it again: craftster best of 2008

wow, unbelievable! i managed to get among the craftster best of again. last year i did it with my stenciled „noir tshirt“, this year i was successful in the category bath & beauty with my „tiramisu soap“

here is the link to: craftster best of 2008 and craftster best of 2007.

that’s so exciting! what a proud moment 🙂 i have to start posting my knitting and stuff more regularly again to work on my nomination in 2009 😉

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harry potter socks everwhere!

i gave my friend carina a skein of opal harry potter yarn for her birthday. she is a huge harry potter fan so it had to be harry & ron socks (that’s the colourway). and hey, it even was enough yarn for 2 pairs of socks!

1st pair: 

2nd pair. sneaker socks. the toe is done with blue regia yarn as i was running out of „harry & ron“. but i quite like it: