harry potter socks everwhere!

i gave my friend carina a skein of opal harry potter yarn for her birthday. she is a huge harry potter fan so it had to be harry & ron socks (that’s the colourway). and hey, it even was enough yarn for 2 pairs of socks!

1st pair: 

2nd pair. sneaker socks. the toe is done with blue regia yarn as i was running out of „harry & ron“. but i quite like it:

2 thoughts on “harry potter socks everwhere!

  1. the socks are very pretty, the only thing I never understood is the name of the yarn: What does it have to do with Harry Potter or the characters in the books?


  2. well, i guess the main reason for the name of the yarn is a marketing idea to lure hopeless harry potter fans to buy the wool 😉

    there are several colourways that represent the characters. mine is harry and ron: the blue parts for harry (if i had cast on more stitches it would have ended up as some kind of clouds in the sky) and the orange/yellow for ron. at least that’s my interpretation.
    there is a very pink yarn for tonks, a white/greyish one for hewig etc…
    have a look here for the other colourways: http://shop.strato.de/epages/61349091.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61349091/Categories/Sockenwolle/Opal/%22Opal%20Harry%20Potter%22

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