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wool souveniers

i can’t go anywhere without bringing back some wooly souvenirs, can i? this is my loot from the english midlands. birmingham, where i visited my friend scott, was a disappointment yarn-wise! but i can find some decent skeins of yarn anywhere 😉

1 skein of wendy happy sock yarn. extremely soft and shiny, 75% bamboo, 25% nylon. bought at john lewis in solihull:

2 skeins of noro kureyon sock yarn. 70% wool, 30% nylon. feels kind of strange, the yarn twists in itself and it looks like it was handspun by myself (which isn’t a compliment *lol*). but the colours are adorable! 

i already cast on a one skein drop stitch stole with the green-purple skein. here you can also see that the weight of the yarn varies a lot:

apart from the yarn i also got some dpns with needle size 2.25. you hardly find them here in germany…

and hey, i also can’t go anywhere without knitting! i didn’t dare to take a project with my precious knit picks needles with me, so it had to be socks. i was really afraid that they wouldn’t let me go through security control at the airport with pointy sticks in my hand luggage. but what can i say: no problems at all! i got through 2 controls in frankfurt and 1 control in birmingham on the way back but nobody wanted to take my needles from me. yay! apparently i look so harmless that i could smuggle anything through airport controls *lol*

so one of these socks is „made in germany“, one is „made in britain“:

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