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the next cookies are finished. these are springerle, my dad’s favourite christmas cookies. so tim and me were saturday, sunday and monday. yeah, 3 days! the first day you make the dough, which you have to stir for 20 minutes. the second day you prepare the cookies and put them on baking sheets to dry. the third day you bake them. it’s like „the first day of christmas…“ *sing“ „the first day of springerle…“ 😀

springerle are very „old“ and traditional cookies from the south of germany and switzerland. they were already made in the middle ages on christmas and special occasions as christenings, weddings etc. the molds i have are modeled after traditional ones but are made of some kind of synthetic resin (which makes them more resistant and easier to clean).

here you can read more, in case you’re interested.

making springerle is almost an art form, so i’m very proud of the result. 🙂

here you can see the springerle before baking. they don’t have „feet“ yet.

when baking, the dried top with the images doesn’t change, but the still damp bottom rises and they get their characteristic „feet“. if they don’t get any (usually they double up in height) or the images disappear – you have failed 😉

thanks to tim for helping. i award you honorary swabian 😛

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  1. I love the molds !! Do they have a special flavour ?

  2. Oh wie schön, die kenne ich ja noch gar nicht! Davon würde ich ja gerne mal einen probieren 😉

    LG, die Kady

  3. thanks 🙂
    the dough itself doesn’t have a strong flavour. it’s basically eggs, sugar and flour with a little vanilla.
    the flavour comes from the anise seeds that you spread on the baking sheet and put the cookies on top of.

  4. Would you post your recipe please? Thanks : D

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