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knotty gloves and pompon scarf

tadaaa: i proudly present the christmas presents i made for my mum this year. the gloves were planned but i was a little late and only finished  half of the first glove before i went home to my parents over christmas on 18th december. so i convinced myself that it made sense to let my mum try them on and fit the fingers exactly to her hands 😉 and indeed it made sense! if i had fitted them to my fingers they would have been too long!

as i knit the knotty gloves before for myself i knew that it was a great pattern and that the gloves fit very well. and i wasn’t disappointed this time either. it’s really fun to knit. i just hate that i never manage to close the gaps between the fingers without holes. i always have to sew them closed when finishing. you can’t see that there were holes when you sew them up properly, but it’s annoying anyway.

oh, by the way: i used drachenwolle tweed sock yarn in the colourway „pink-black“.

i was a little late too. finished the gloves on christmas day. but it didn’t really matter as my mum already knew what she would get as a present and at least i finished the scarf in time!

the scarf was a spontaneus idea. i had to check out herrenberg’s only yarn shop of course („die nadel“) when i was grocery shopping with my mum on december 19th. i was quite impressed by their good choice of sock yarn but didn’t really want to buy anything (unless anything jumped right into my face which can happen occasionally *lol*). my mum said „look at this pompon yarn. that’s fun. and sooo soft.“ so i just said „do you like it? i’ll get you a skein and knit you a scarf for christmas if you like.“

so my curiousity how this strange pompon yarn would knit up, brought me some more work i had to finish before christmas eve *doh* i wouldn’t want to wear a scarf like this, just don’t like the look of it. but i have to admit it is incredibly soft, cosy and warm. and it was a really fast and fun knit. just took me two days to finish. there’s a pattern inside the banderole but it’s basically just: k1, *bobble, k2* repeat 6 times, k1

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  1. I like your bobble scarf.
    Like all apparel, it’s all in how and where it’s worn.

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