callum’s cardi

this is a cardigan for my friend kevin’s little boy, callum. he is just 3 weeks old now so i guess he’ll have some room to grow into it.

aren’t those buttons adorable? the friend i was shopping with that day and me both fell in love with them on first sight and i had to have them for this cardigan. it gives it the special something :D

the cardi will make its way to london by post tomorrow :) i guess kev is too busy with the baby and moving house at the moment so that he won’t regularly check this blog and sneak a peek before it arrives in wooly person ;) so… i’m going to post it now.

pattern: Offset Wraplan by Sara Morris. i knit size 6-9 months but it turned out a little small i think

yarn: wolle rödel siena. 100% merino extrafine superwash. 2 balls of the dark colour, 1 of the lighter contrast colour. it’s the same yarn i used for my yellow pullover – very, very soft and stretchy as well.

buttons: cutest sheep buttons in the world ;) bought at karstadt in frankfurt

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