spinster in the sun

isn’t the weather just brilliant today? the last grasp of summer and me sitting on the balcony with bare feet, in short pants, tshirt and a very stupid hat doing some spinning.

i’m spinning merino at the moment in a variety of berry colours: pink, rose, purple, aubergine (oh well, that would be a vegetable colour 😉 )…

[flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/cazcrafts/3958957072/]

for the video i used one of the songs i was listening to while spinning. „falling slowly“ from glen hansard. i recently discovered the movie „once“ and fell in love with the music! i can’t help it, i always fall for the small, non-blockbuster, low-budget, beautiful movies :) have a look:

here is the result of my spinning sunny afternoon:

oh, and i don’t want to deprive you of the pleasure to see me in my stupid hat protecting my show white like skin from the evil september sun 😛

3 thoughts on “spinster in the sun

  1. cheers 😉 now that i think about it – i have a pair of matching flip-flops. they were a free gift in a magazine once! what a pity i discovered that now the summer is over. haha.

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