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woolee winder!

i used to start drooling as soon as i saw a woolee winder somewhere. those awsomely tidy wound up bobbins! well, i may have talked about it for some time… and the best boyfriend in the world ordered one for me! just like that. it’s not even my birthday, christmas or anything! 😀

so here it is, the woolee winder for my kromski sonata.

we are currently getting to know each other. the flyer develops a lot of drive when you treadle fast and i discovered that the head of my spinning wheel, where flyer is clipped in, is a bit loose and moves sideways. argh. there are two screws and i’ll try to tighten them. the boyfriend already has some other ideas of glueing the metal pole into the wood. we’ll see. as long as it still works i’m going with the motto: never touch a running system… 😉

i started to spin some shetland roving which i intend to navajo ply afterwards.

looks lovely, doesn’t it?!

thanks tim 😀

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