traveling stripes

the yarn is called traveling stripes because i spun it from scraps my boyfriend bought for me in copenhagen and after that they travelled in his suitcase to munich, helsinki and finally frankfurt. i will knit stripey socks from it when we are in lisbon next week. so the yarn will travel once more! :)

fibre: not sure to be honest. i’m guessing merino by the touch of it.

weight: 86g –> exactly 43g for each sock after winding it into two balls!

length: about 240m

scraps before spinning:

in action:

spun and navajo plied to preserve the colour changes:

wound into two 43g balls for socks:

oh, by the way. i’m soooo in love with my new canon eos 500d! look at the last photos and you’ll know what i mean *lol*

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