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skull shirt

here is a recent project. another long-sleeve t-shirt. this time with skulls. i think they just look cute on kids/babys and which little boy doesn’t want to be a pirate, arrrrrrr!

patternottobre design, issue autumn 4/2012, 18. little lamb, raglan-sleeve t-shirt (sizes 92 to 128). the same pattern again that i used for the star shirt. i actually cut the fabric right after finishing the star one, but never had the time to sew it. last saturday i finally made it. yay.

fabric: i bought the skull and stripes jersey at some shop. don’t remember where at the moment. i’ll make a hat from the skull fabric too… it’s also in my queue 🙂

i have some more jerseys in my stash and also some cute sweatshirt fabric. originally i wanted to make an overall for lukas, but i only have 1 meter and that won’t be enough anymore. so it’s going to become a hoodie. just have to look for a suitable pattern….

aaaanyway, here is the skull tshirt!

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star shirt

well, i keep saying that, but sorry again for no new posts in like forever! maybe i shouldn’t promise to write more if i can’t keep the promise anyway 😉 so i’m not promising anything this time! i will just try to do my best. it’s not that i’m lazy or don’t craft/knit/sew at all, it’s just that i’m terribly busy and never find the time to take photos, write posts etc.

i actually made this shirt months ago. i never came around to taking photos, so i kind of forgot to show it to the world… it’s size 92, so still a little big for lukas – he is wearing 86 at the moment. but it looks cute on him and better too big than too small, right.

pattern: ottobre design, issue autumn 4/2012, 18. little lamb, raglan-sleeve t-shirt (sizes 92 to 128). i just love the ottobre patterns. the issues are full of awsome patterns in all sizes. from baby to teen. you just need to buy a few of the magazines and have great patterns for all the basics like long-sleeves, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pajamas…

fabric: jersey with stars in turquoise which i bought at the stoffmarkt holland when it was in frankfurt last spring. and a matching turquoise jersey for the sleeves that i bought in some fabric store in darmstadt. the ribbing is turquoise too.

as you can see in the photos i don’t have an overlock sewing machine. unfortunately. sewing just takes longer with my normal sewing machine because i have to „clean up“ all the seams separately and can only use stretchy stitches. but it works and the result isn’t that bad. well, actually i’m quite proud of the result. 😀

i’d love to sew a lot more but it’s so hard to find the time. i can only sew in the evenings when lukas is in bed and there’s also a lot of other things that have to be done then… first of all get our wedding organized! 😉