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i admit it, i love decorating. especially for christmas. but easter’s good as well 😉 flowers and trees start to blossom, the world gets more cheerful and colourful. and i also like to have some spring spirit in our flat. with fresh flowers and decorations.

so this is what i made recently. i actually had a lot of material so i made a second one exactly the same as a present… i will hang it at the door of our flat…

pattern: the pattern is actually by the same lady that also invented the pattern for the christmas decorations i did before. remember? here some details about the book: „Bunter Oster-Bastelspaß: Ideen fĂŒr Ostereier und Dekorationen“ by pia pedevilla

materials: construction paper in several colours, crayons to colour the chick, wire, plastic eggs (they should have been painted according to the pattern, but i was lucky and found eggs with exactly the right colours so i didn’t bother), feathers, wooden beads in white/purple/green. oh and i was very lucky to have a glue gun – otherwise it would have been almost impossible to attach the chicken to the wreath.

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