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pattern: very basic scarf

yeah, i know for experienced knitters this is hardly a „pattern“ and hardly worth writing it down. but when i started knitting some years ago i didn’t know anything and would have given a lot for basic directions like that… so here we go. maybe it’s helpful for somebody?!


  • 4 skeins of wolle rödel rigato (90m/50g, 53% wool, 47% poly) or any other comparable bulky yarn
  • 7mm needles. i like to use a short circular needle, but that’s up to you


isn’t important here. just forget about it.

finished size:

length: 227cm

width: 16cm unstretched, 33cm stretched


loosely cast on 38 stitches.

  1. (rs) *k3, p2* 7 times, then k3
  2. (ws) *p3, k2* 7 times, then p3

repeate these two rows until the scarf has the desired length.

cast off using your favourite cast off technique. i recommend either the russian cast off if you want a stretchy/flexible edge, or the plain cast off (using a bigger needle) for a nice and visible cast off edge.

sew in all the ends.

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bramble ishbel

i wanted to knit an ishbel shawl for ages. this is a birthday present for a friend (who doesn’t like computers so it’s highly unlikely that she sees her shawl before her birthday 😉 ) so it was the perfect excuse to give it a try. and it will definitly not be the last ishbel i knit! in fact i already started another one for myself with some my handspun yarn

i love knitting for others. that gives me the chance to try all kinds of things i either wouldn’t knit for myself or that i already have knit for myself… does that make any sense? 😉 it’s fun to see the happy faces of the present receivers too. getting something truly unique is great and for me it’s just about the fun of knitting…

the old maiden aunt yarn is so much fun. smooth and with a great drape. it has exactly the right amout of „stretchyness“ so that he knitted piece blocks nicely and doesn’t „unblock“ and curl when you wear it. i still have some lovely old maiden aunt skeins left but will place another order soon…

pattern: ishbel by isolda teague

yarn: old maiden aunt, 100% merino superwash sock yarn, colourway „bramble“

needles: 4.0 mm circular needle

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owlie owl cowl

this pattern was love at first sight. it all happened in a little but adorable knitting shop in hamburg, which is called mylys and is highly recommendable by the way. the ladies at the shop where competent, helpful and really nice and we had a nice chat about ravelry, yarn, patterns.. well, you know 🙂 even tim didn’t have to suffer too much during my yarn shopping, as there is a nice little cafe inside the shop as well where he entertained himself with a coke and magazine 😉

oh, yeah, i wanted to tell you about the owl cowl!  there was an owlie owl cowl for sale at the shop and i loved it so much i had to knit it myself! thanks to ravelry i can even show you my inspiration!

knitting fair isle is always a challenge for me. i’m never quite sure if it’s too tight or too loose. but it worked out quite well… i’m getting better…

pattern: owlie owl cowl by betsy farquhar

yarn: old maiden aunt, 100% merino superwash sock yarn, colourways „dreich“ and „hebridean“. and a little bit of wolle rödel sock yarn in white

needles: 2.5 mm, circular needle length 40cm to knit in the round

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no drop

this was a crazy but fun knitting project. the pattern has hardly anything to do with conventional knitting at all. it’s just yarn overs and slipping stitches over each other. after almost getting a nervous breakdown in the beginning (had to frog several times), i got the hang of it the project went along quite fast… the wollmeise was a pleasure to knit with – as usual.

pattern: no drop from arlene’s world of lace

yarn: wollmeise 100% merino superwash, colourway „frosch“

needles: 4.0 mm circular needle

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this scarf was a really quick project. it only took me 5 days to make! tim’s mum got the scarf as a present when we were in hannover for the weekend.

pattern: annis scarf by susanna ic

yarn: old maiden aunt sock yarn, 100% merino superwash

needles: 5.00 mm circular needle

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hands up

ok, it’s not really the time for gloves. but i was looking for a quick and easy project because i was bored. i originally wanted to knit them for myself but they turned out way too big. so they are tim’s now and they really suit him!

pattern: hands up gloves by aileen cahill

yarn: noro kureyon sock. i was really annoyed with the noro yarn. i found 2 knots and didn’t even use half a skein for the gloves.

needles: 2.5 mm