pattern: very basic scarf

yeah, i know for experienced knitters this is hardly a „pattern“ and hardly worth writing it down. but when i started knitting some years ago i didn’t know anything and would have given a lot for basic directions like that… so here we go. maybe it’s helpful for somebody?!


  • 4 skeins of wolle rödel rigato (90m/50g, 53% wool, 47% poly) or any other comparable bulky yarn
  • 7mm needles. i like to use a short circular needle, but that’s up to you


isn’t important here. just forget about it.

finished size:

length: 227cm

width: 16cm unstretched, 33cm stretched


loosely cast on 38 stitches.

  1. (rs) *k3, p2* 7 times, then k3
  2. (ws) *p3, k2* 7 times, then p3

repeate these two rows until the scarf has the desired length.

cast off using your favourite cast off technique. i recommend either the russian cast off if you want a stretchy/flexible edge, or the plain cast off (using a bigger needle) for a nice and visible cast off edge.

sew in all the ends.

10 thoughts on “pattern: very basic scarf

  1. Landed here from Ravelry, because your scarf looks so pretty. I no longer need directions like this to knit a scarf, but I, too, remember when I was new to knitting and would have LOVED to find these kinds of instructions, along with a pretty picture to inspire me. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. ditto on comment from renna. i love simple things! especially since life is complicated enough. will make this scarf for sure. thanks!

    • Thank you so much! I’m pretty new to knitting and I really appreciate the guidance. Sure, the directions are simple…but it’s always nice to have a reassuring guide. :)

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  4. Your scarf is lovely. I am brand new at knitting and this is just what I need in order to put a little variety in my knitting…and the first pattern I understand. Thanks so much!

  5. My Boy Friend has been bugging me to teach him to knit so, I was looking for a simple scarf pattern beyond the basic garter stich. The instructions here are very clearly written so it seems like a good pattern that he could read on his own.

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