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bramble ishbel

i wanted to knit an ishbel shawl for ages. this is a birthday present for a friend (who doesn’t like computers so it’s highly unlikely that she sees her shawl before her birthday 😉 ) so it was the perfect excuse to give it a try. and it will definitly not be the last ishbel i knit! in fact i already started another one for myself with some my handspun yarn

i love knitting for others. that gives me the chance to try all kinds of things i either wouldn’t knit for myself or that i already have knit for myself… does that make any sense? 😉 it’s fun to see the happy faces of the present receivers too. getting something truly unique is great and for me it’s just about the fun of knitting…

the old maiden aunt yarn is so much fun. smooth and with a great drape. it has exactly the right amout of „stretchyness“ so that he knitted piece blocks nicely and doesn’t „unblock“ and curl when you wear it. i still have some lovely old maiden aunt skeins left but will place another order soon…

pattern: ishbel by isolda teague

yarn: old maiden aunt, 100% merino superwash sock yarn, colourway „bramble“

needles: 4.0 mm circular needle

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  1. this is so so so gorgeous! your friend is extremely lucky, she’s going to love it 🙂

  2. I looove the colour (I realise I’m always posting comments on your blog saying that, but you really do pick some beautiful colours for your projects :D) and I always find it interesting to see Ishbels, because they always seem to come out slightly differently – your YOs are very prominent, whereas they aren’t so much on mine (if that makes sense!) Love it x

    1. i like your ishbel too! i love all shades of pink and purple at the moment 🙂

  3. oh, it is so beautiful. really a careful and tidy work!

    1. thank you. yes, i hope she likes it!

  4. beautiful work ! and the colour is gorgeous ! Where do you buy this yarn ?

    1. thanks! it’s 100% merino superwash sock yarn from old maiden aunt.

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