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„i hate men“ socks

if you don’t like explicit language, don’t read on. i’m in a fuckin‘ mood to swear my heart out!

i just renamed the „boyfriend socks“ for „i hate men socks“.

why? because my damn, fuckin‘, lying, pretending, spineless boyfriend ditched me yesterday. yeah, a distance relationship is difficult but:


  • was prepared to do anything it takes to make this work
  • would have flewn back and forth as often as i could
  • was waiting for him online like an idiot every day
  • was making plans for the future
  • wanted to take part in his life
  • was knitting socks, sending him baked cookies, even letting my damn hair grow (said he liked long hair), which makes me feel even more stupid
  • am sitting here  now crying and feeling miserable 
  • to say it with bridget jones: i will die as a lonely old spinster and be eaten by alsatians. and no, no mr. darcy in sight to save me.


  • wasn’t prepared to do the tiniest bit for this
  • didn’t show up online and hung out with his friends instead
  • everything was more important than me
  • said that he couldn’t commit to a computer. wow, i always thought i was a real person. apparently not. what am i  then? a SLIGHTLY less attractive lara croft or something?!
  • didn’t want to let me take part in his life and apparently wasn’t interested in mine either
  • still sais he „likes me more than i could imagine“ and still wasn’t up to fight or put the tiniest effort into making this work, the lying prick
  • sure is releaved to have gotten rid of the „burden“ that there is a „virtual“ girlfriend waiting for him and wanting to spend time with him

what to do with those socks now? i don’t feel like continuing anymore. more like burning them! and poking the guy with the pointy knitting needles at places where it really hurts!

7 Gedanken zu „„i hate men“ socks

  1. What an absolute bellend! (That is my favourite swear-y type word at the moment!) >:( As clichéd as it sounds, he obviously doesn’t deserve you, and it may not seem like it now, but you will be SO much better off without him! Why don’t you rip out those socks (eeep!) and knit yourself something nice with it? Or you could knit a „voodoo doll“ and use it as a pincushion…! <3

  2. Knit them for yourself and wear them. And visualize yourself stomping all over him as you walk around.

  3. What an arsehole!! Invite your friends around, get drunk, eat chocolate and watch a chick flick , preferably one with lots of scantily clad men to drool over (I find Johnny Depp a comfort when I’m at my lowest ebb, but that’s just me *lol*), not a romantic one, and thank the gods that you escaped from that one! Your mates will all tell you how wonderful you are and what a shit he is, and you’ll feel so much better! 🙂

  4. thanks girls, you are great :-*

    everybody tells me i’m too good for him and shouldn’t shouldn’t mourn about the loss of the bellend (thanks for the word) but you know how how life is. you’re unhappy anyway…
    i’m sick of falling for pricks. my destiny? :'(

  5. Men can be such dicks. And cowards. I had a boyfriend once who dumped me and told me that it was because „he liked me too much“ WTF? He was a coward who couldn’t tell the truth if he thought it might make me angry – but his lies made me way angrier. He is one of the only ex’s I am not friends with now. At least the guy who dumped me for his secretary was honest…

    Anger is the right emotion for you to feel right now. Dr Stagasaurus prescribes an evening with your mates and a good number of bottles of wine / beer / vodka.

  6. Sind die schön. Können sie nicht einen Frühjahrsschlaf machen und einen männlichen Verwandten zu Weihnachten beglücken?
    Hoffentlich hat das Powershopping und der Eisbecher in Mainz ein bißchen geholfen.
    Liebe Grüße Katja

  7. the lying little shit! wanted to delete him from my facebook friends… the guy who said how much he would have loved to be with me a lot but couldn’t have an internet relationship because he hated the internet and couldn’t commit to a computer (still can’t stop laughing about that) spends quite a lot of time chatting, doing quizzes etc. apparently he only hates the internet when it comes to spending time with me. nice one.

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