1st stencil project – „noir“

story: i wanted a tshirt of the mighty boosh for ages! but i didn’t like the official boosh shirts and – hey, not everybody fits in a skinny xs tshirt anyway! so i first thought about ordering tshirts (–> expensive), using these printer/iron on fabric thingies (bad quality) and finally ended up stenciling and printing my own shirt :)

material: black 6€ shirt from h&m, 0.3 mm overhead transparency, sharp cutter knive, white fabric paint for dark fabric, stencil brush, sponge, sticky tape, spray mount, electric iron

technique: prepared a stencil image in photoshop, used a 0.3 mm overhead transparency and cut out the bits that should be coloured later, sprayed the stencil with spray mount, put it on the shirt and painted it with white fabric colour (for dark fabrics). i used a stencil brush and a sponge to apply the colour, but i’m not not satisfied with that method yet as it turned out very patchy… i’ll try something else next time…

7 thoughts on “1st stencil project – „noir“

  1. LOVE IT! I wouldn’t know where to start with a stencil like that – trying to find a clear picture of Noel Fielding is sooo hard! Well done, you must have so much patience to cut all those little bits out – I just know I would have cut all the wrong bits out haha! x

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