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knitted iphone sock tutorial

this is a tutorial for a very basic iphone sock. it’s a great project to use up sock yarn leftovers. it will fit quite snugly, which is great because your precious iphone won’t slip out.

here we go:

yarn: fingering weight, any 4ply sock yarn or similar will work fine.

needle: 2.5mm



CO 38 st.

distribute them on 3 needles and close the loop, being careful not to twist: 10 st on 1st needle, 19 st on 2nd needle, 9 st on 3rd needle.


k1, p1-ribbing for 6 rows

main part:

k needles 1 and 3, work pattern over needle 2.

repeat the pattern until the desired length (about 5 inch). i worked 6 pattern repeats.

–                = purl

empty box = knit


when you have finished the last pattern repeat, work needles 3 and 1 once more. put the stitches of needle 1 and 3 on one needle. you’ll have 19 st on each needle.

now you are ready for grafting, which is described here.

weave in the ends and enjoy your iphone sock!