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mighty boosh swap – what i got

this is what i got from phizzychick yesterday. what a flippin‘ brilliant package! 🙂

  • a portrait of vince
  • vince’s portrait of howard (you’ll recognise him straight away!) – phizzychick must have broken into the zoo to get it!
  • a felt wristlet with leafy howard side and thunderbolt vince side
  • a felt forest casual brooch, boosh logo brooch and polo mint keyring
  • a pendant with the logo on one side, vince and howard on the other
  • mutant animal postcards
  • pink hubba bubba (i’m a little afraid to open it – in case something charlie-ish comes out „charlie likes you. he think’s you’re funny“)
  • a tiny zooniverse with gorilla house, naboo in his shop, the reptile house and charlie sliding along looking evil Cheesy amazing!

here close-ups of the zooniverse:

more photos at flickr

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mighty boosh swap – what i sent

phizzychick finally recieved my boosh parcel, so i can publish the stuff here too without spoiling the fun 🙂

  • fingerless mittens with mighty boosh logo
  • mirrorball suit mirror
  • two of howards'(elbow) patches
  • beaded vince and polar bear „did you say hold me?“ – „no“
  • naboo’s miracle bath jelly
  • a packet of soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander… (not on photo)

more photos at flickr

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how caz and crafts got together

i’m quite new to crafts and never thought i’d actually like to do stuff like that 😉

some months ago i suddenly felt like knitting socks – so i just did it.

before my birthday in august i made a careless remark about „maybe i’d like a sewing machine“ when my mum asked me what i’d like as present. so in september i ordered and ended up with this beauty:


so i surfed the web for inspirations what to sew to check out my new sewing machine and found this highly inspiring website:

since i usally get bored with practicing quickly i just started on real sewing projects: BAGS 🙂 you can never have enough of them, can you? 😉