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please forgive me

oh, boy, is it really that long since i last posted here? since january? the longer i didn’t post anything the harder it got getting into it again…. shame on me. can you forgive me for not keeping you updated on my crafty projects?!

but i think i have at least a little excuse. i had totally lost my knitting mojo! can you imagine that? usually i knit every day, but for some time i just didn’t feel like knitting at all.

at least i know the reason why: we’re having a baby! we’re going to be parents in october 2012! and apparently my body was too busy working for our little one that all my knitting energy was stolen! it even repelled me to even think about knitting. very strange. but it came back to me after the first 3 months. yay.

anyway, prepare yourselfs for a number of new posts about not so new projects of mine. i wanna try to get up to date again!

cheers guys!