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ten stitch baby blanket

i loved knitting this blanket for our little one. it’s seamless – which is soooo goooood! 😉 i hate weaving in ends! i wasn’t convinced of the the kauni yarn though: don’t get me wrong, the colour changes and colours are beautiful but i had several knots in every skein. which is just not acceptable! especially in in a yarn with colour changes! i promised myself i wouldn’t use kauni again but already broke this promise (you’ll read about that later…)

i finished this blanket in the end of august 2012 when i had to spend a few days in hospital (they thought i might develop a gestosis – but me and the baby were fine)…

and what can i say? lukas loves his blankie! we use it every day! in his bed, during naptime, in the stroller. this is the baby project that is most used by now!

pattern: ten stitch baby blanket by frankie brown

yarn: 3 skeins of kauni wool 8/2 effektgarn

needles: 3.5 double pointed needles

(baby belly under the blanket 😉 )

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