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my first quilt

i wanted to try quilting for ages. and here is my first project. it’s made completely of different ikea fabrics – some of them not ideal for quilting i have to admit. but hey, it worked out quite well!

basically i followed this easy quilting tutorial for beginners.

i used 49 patches, a border and a binding. then i pinned down the top, batting and back and just made diagonal seams across everything.

what do you think?!

this is the complete quilt:



binding that i handstitched in the back of the quilt:

it was fun sewing my first quilt. but also a lot of work! really liked the sewing part but didn’t care much about measuring and cutting all the patches. all in all it took me days to finish and it wasn’t even a difficult design! but it definitely won’t be my last one!

it didn’t turn out huge but maybe can be used as a blanket for the little one in his stroller or to lie him on the floor before he starts crawling…


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