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eat my shorts

no, don’t! 😉 i made them myself.

i had this funny pink and black jersey fabric with shoes on it in my stash for ages. and never had the right project to use it. but now i found it!


the sewing pattern is by cinderella zwergenmode.

it wasn’t exactly a quick project as stated in the pattern, but i guess that was just due to the lack of sewing experience on my side. 😛 sewing on the rubber band was so difficult! zigzag-stitch turned out crooked and ugly and the only way i finally was able to attach it was by using a normal step stich. not very stretchy but it works! and the shorty fits. i spare you the sight of me wearing it, so here are some unmodeled photos 😉




i will definitley make more – now that i know how its done. I like this fabric and have two more lovely, flowery, modern jersey fabrics in my stash.

oh, by the way, if you ever plan to buy fabric or haberdashery in frankfurt, germany – never try karstadt. the most stuff is just ugly and old fashioned. with some exceptions of lovely quilting fabric in „tilda style“. and  the unfriendliest and crankiest saleswomen on this planet work there! „i’m sorry you have to cut some fabric for me. i’m so sorry!“

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