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ramona in the making

this is my first double knitting project, so i wanted to show you some photos even before it’s finished. which will be a looong time from now as this is going really slowly 😉

the pattern is „ramona“ by julia mueller by the way.

i like double knitting, you don’t have the trouble carrying the yarn in the back that you have with other colourwork. and double knitting makes a lovely, warm, double fabric. and the mittens will be fully reversible!

in the beginning i had serious trouble concentrating on the pattern, as you don’t really see instantly if you made a mistake, due to the fact that all the stitches, for back and front, are next to each other on the same needle. i also made life particularly complicated as i knit the black parts of the pattern in white and the white parts in blue/green because i thought it would look nicer. which i still think it does, but it makes you really have to concentrate to get everything right. no way watching tv while knitting 🙂

i’m using wollmeise yarn by the way. i’m always saving my precious skeins for really special projects. i think the greenish/blueish yarn (colourway „pfefferminz prinz“) looks great with the undyed yarn.

the right side:

the wrong side:

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