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easter knits

some easter knits i did this year to use up some sock yarn scraps…

i used wollmeise leftovers for this egg. wanted to make more, but i got inredibly bored after the first one 😉

so i knit this little guy instead. may i present you, mr. easter bunny. he’s really tiny and was fun to knit, but i guess amigurumi stuff is just not my favourite thing to do. it takes such a long time to sew pieces together, stuff, weave in thousands of ends…

happy easter!

3 Gedanken zu „easter knits“

  1. Very cute! Happy belated Easter!

  2. Aww, how sweet! I don’t envy you, having to sew in all the ends though!

    1. yeah, that’s the reason why i like knitting shawls, scarves and socks. just two ends to weave in 😉

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