traveling stripes socks

these are the first handspun socks that i finished!

the socks were knit from this yarn. i had a lot of differently coloured scraps (i think it’s merino, but not sure – it was a present from tim) which i divided in half and spun one after the other. then i navajo plied it and divided it in two skeins for two socks (obviously). they were exactly the same weight. the yarn is thicker than usual 4-ply sock yarn. i’d guess it’s more like 6ply sock yarn.

then i knit plain toe-up socks (started off with 20 sts and increased to a total of 52 sts) with the yarn and this is the result. i’m not really thrilled about it as on the left sock some stripes were thinner than on the right sock. so there is one colour change more now on the left sock now to get the same length. i think it looks kind of stupid but it’s handspun yarn so i guess you can’t expect anything more… as i’m a little perfectionist i thought about ripping back the right sock to shorten the wide stripes, but i really, really don’t want to rip socks that are already finished.

they are incredibly soft and comfy though and i got tons of positive feedback and encouragement at ravelry and flickr. so i’ll just live with my cosy, cheery, unique socks :) i’m even kind of proud of them. because they are my first handspun socks and because i got the stripes fairly identical on both socks…

i’m still very much in love with my canon eos 500d by the way. the photos it produces are just adorable…

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