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the lake – new handspun yarn

i’m so proud of this one! i’m really suprised how fast you get better with spinning. after less than a month was able to produce this beauty (ok, you can tell that i’m all excited, can’t you 😉 ).

it’s 100% superwash merino roving from drachenwolle and i spun it as thin as i could and then navajo plied it. i ended up with 88g and about 420m, so thinner than sock yarn. i’ll knit socks of it anyway, just cast on some more stitches than i usually would.

enjoy the view *lol*

4 Gedanken zu „the lake – new handspun yarn“

  1. WOW! D: It;s so fine and even! I am seriously envious of your skills! I must find a spinning class over the summer, it looks very therapeutic! Well done 😀 x

    1. it is therapeutic! good for your soul 😉
      i wanted to take a spinning class too, before i bought my wheel. but i couldn’t find any so i just thought „what the hell“ and bougth my sonata. never regretted it and you can pick up how it’s done quickly by yourself…

  2. Sooooooo schööööööön!!! 🙂

    1. daaaaaankeeeeee 😉

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