clapotis finished!

tadaaaa, here it is. i really love how it turned out after washing and blocking :) looks really shiny and bright in the sunlight… can’t wait for a cooler day to wear it. oh, did i just say that?!

i ended up knitting one repeat less in the increase section and 19 repeats in the straight section. i think i could have done one more repeat, but i panicked that i would run out of yarn 😉 after blocking the clapotis measures 30cm x 152cm.

4 thoughts on “clapotis finished!

  1. danke ulli :)
    i just used one skein of wollmeise (150g). it’s incredibly light! a bit too short for my liking though – next time i would perhaps reduce the increases by 2 and make it longer (like to wrap it round several times…)

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