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100g of beautiful yarn

this is the first yarn i produced on my drop spindle! 100g corriedale in white + green.

i’m so proud and really love the white one which is a lot softer and not as overtwisted as the first (green) one… 🙂
first i wanted to ply the skeins, but now i like them as they are!

hm, any suggestions what i could knit with the yarn? at first i thought a neck warmer would be nice, but the green yarn is too scratchy to wear it round the neck…

any other ideas?!

2 Gedanken zu „100g of beautiful yarn“

  1. That is BEAUTIFUL – I’m so impressed! I wish my first attempt looked half as good as that – it all got twisted up on itself :S 100g should be enough for a pair of fingerless gloves, or perhaps some mittens? Or some crocheted flowers or a purse, there’s so many things you could do! There’s actually a book, I think it’s called „One Skein Wonder“ that has loads of ideas for single-skein projects. I hope you find something as beautiful as the yarn to make! x

  2. i tried to knit a neck warmer but half way through i discovered i had way too little yarn… have to spin some more 😉

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