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branching out… scarf in the making

i first started the branching out pattern with lana grossa cool wool 2000 print. the yarn is really lovely and so nice to knit, but it just didn’t accentuate the lace pattern at all. here is a photo:

so i ripped it up again, headed into the city and got myself a similar yarn in white. i didn’t get lana grossa anywhere, so i got a similar substitute from wolle rödel „siena“ and started all over again. here is the result by now:

it’s a lot better in white, don’t you think?!

it’s also the first project i used „lifelines“ so that i don’t need to start all over again or have much hassle if i make a mistake. i learned that quickly after i had to undo a whole pattern repeat because i messed up ONE stitch in the first pattern row *growl*

anyway, it’s coming on nicely… i can’t wait to see it growing… and blocked 🙂

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