tiramisu soap – my first try in soap making

so here it comes, my first try in soap making. a lovely tiramisu soap. it was so hard not to try and eat the stuff :)

this is what i did: dived my melt and pour soap into two parts.
part 1 – mixed it with coffee oil, coconut oil and brown food coloring
part 2 – mixed it with vanilla oil, coconut oil, one drop of yellow food coloring and real amaretto

then i poured it in layers into a cake tin. on the top i sprinkled a little cocoa.

it just smells incredible!

and this is what it looks like:

2 thoughts on “tiramisu soap – my first try in soap making

  1. Mir läuft bei dem Anblick gerade das Wasser im Mund zusammen. Da hilft es auch nicht das es Seife ist. Und hier gibt es nirgendwo vernünftiges Tiramisu zu kaufen*grummel*

    Lg Nicole

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