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slouchy mum hat

after some sewing for lukas the next posts are going to be about knitting again 🙂 i always have something on the needles. oh, let’s be honest, i always have several things on the needles 😉 but it’s just not as fast as sewing… knitting projects may easily take days, weeks or even months…

this was a very easy and quick project. finished in two days over christmas.

my mum desperately wanted a hat to go with her grey/olive jacket. so i took her to the local yarn store and she picket her favourite yarn herself. and i browsed ravelry for the perfect pattern and did the knitting.

pattern: slouchy copy cat hat by terra jamieson

yarn: lang yarns mille colori in berry and grey shades

needles: 4.5 mm and 5.0 mm

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