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first jersey sewing project

as the title already states: this was my first jersey project! and it went quite well actually. and is wearable. yay!

the pattern is for free, is called „jerseymütze bettina“ and can be downloaded here. i used a little mod i found at kaddi’s blog. you’ll find a tutorial there which is in german, but quite self-explanatory even if you can’t read the text. the hat is doubled, which is excellent for a jersey newbie like me as you won’t see any crooked seams 😉

the fabric is cute and perfect for a pilot’s son 😉 and i still have enough fabric left for a matching tshirt… will be one of my next projects….

here is the result. it fits and has already been worn several times. and probably will be worn a lot more if summer isn’t coming any time soon…

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