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purple rib scarf

i was thinking of a special scarf for some time… had a look at many shops but i didn’t find what i had in mind. but hey, i’m knitter, right?! so i just knit my dream scarf myself. 🙂

the idea: a long, wide, ribbed purple scarf with fringe!

so i got some yarn at ebay, 600g of austermann mombasa (100% cotton, 100m/50g)…

…and started with a very easy pattern. co 89 st, then k3, p3 aaaaaall the way until the scarf is about 2m long… which will take forever… but anyway 😉

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  1. What a lovely colour. Just done two scarves for my boys with a similar pattern, 2×2 rib. This will be really warm and cuddly, you’ll love it

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